Patty Burton Seever
Atchison, KS

Found something that works on my back and sides when I've been eating bad, Aspi-rub!! I sprayed it on when the pain was intense and 10 minutes later--pain was gone!!! So much relief!! A $9 bottle of spray did what aleve, tylenol, and advil couldn't touch without having to take a pill!!

Elizabeth Clark

Ana just to let you know I love this I put on my neck nudging disc there on contact works take painaway I spray when back is shooting with pain I spray my back and boy relief iswhat I got Love this Thank you Ana good luck. Just to let everyone know I tried this today and sprayed rub on my 4 budging disc i have sticking out in my neck I honestly can say I got relief for maybe few hours Everyone is different I rubbed on my boyfriends lower back it helped him so much I am going to try on my knees and will let you know few hour relief was great.

Jacqueline Melzer

To every body as our ASPI-RUB family, just wanted to say Thank you so much for the sent me my sample bottle a few weeks ago and it has been such a savior honestly!!!!!!
I started a page since then......
Kratom and Fibromyalgia with Chronic Conditions and have put a link on there to your site for your product as it is the cure for pain. Better than anythingthey give you at pain management and after 2 surgeries in last 2.5 years. I'm a good source to ask.

Charlene Kunold McCarthy
Salem, NE

I can attest to the relief this product does bring. I have suffered sciatica joint pain and other "arthritic" pains and haven't had to depend on pain meds since my dear ol Gal-Pal Ana Wood sent me my first sample

Candy Crosson
Palm Coast Fla.

I want everyone to know that Aspi-Rub has been a total benefit in my pain management. After applying it for a week or so to my neck, it helped literally get rid of the constant pain I was experiencing. I found that using As[o-Rub to relax toe cramps and leg cramps is totally awesome. I would honestly recommend anyone with constant pain or even occasional pain to give Aspi-Rub a try