Laura Smith

Received my sample and am THRILLED with the results! The Aspi Rub works wonderfully atrelieving my lower back pain! Will definately be ordering more! Thank you so much!

Melissa N Brad Dempster

Hi Ana just wanted to tell you I got my sample and absolutely love your product.I've got scoliosis and my back and neck muscles tighten often I use your product and it helps to ease the pain and loosen up the muscles. Thank you so much!!!

Bobby Wooten

I got my sample yesterday an it's real good thanks yea you will be hearing from me again.

J Jhanel Honeycutt

I got my sample in the mail. Thank you. It came just in time to try it out. I was involve in a car accident and it really does ease the soreness from whiplash!

Kristi Kuhl

A friend sent me some down here in Springfield, MO. I used it on my back, legs and ankles and it worked amazingly wonderful! My son used it after a thigh strain during wrestling practice and he said it really helped and I have to carry it to all his meets. Love this stuff. Thank you so much!!!