Ronald Tortorello
Bloomingburg, NY

I am a division 2 football player and absolutely love this product. As any athlete knows pain is something you deal with whether you're just training or playing the game. Within seconds of using this product i feel relief and I am able to get back to my daily grind. Thank you Aspirub for such an amazing product. It also is awesome that you also have a great owner and customer service. I will continue to support this great family owned company, thank you guys

Candy Crosson
Palm Coast Fla.

I want everyone to know that Aspi-Rub has been a total benefit in my pain management. After applying it for a week or so to my neck, it helped literally get rid of the constant pain I was experiencing. I found that using As[o-Rub to relax toe cramps and leg cramps is totally awesome. I would honestly recommend anyone with constant pain or even occasional pain to give Aspi-Rub a try

Charlene Kunold McCarthy
Salem, NE

I can attest to the relief this product does bring. I have suffered sciatica joint pain and other "arthritic" pains and haven't had to depend on pain meds since my dear ol Gal-Pal Ana Wood sent me my first sample

Jacqueline Melzer

To every body as our ASPI-RUB family, just wanted to say Thank you so much for the sent me my sample bottle a few weeks ago and it has been such a savior honestly!!!!!!
I started a page since then......
Kratom and Fibromyalgia with Chronic Conditions and have put a link on there to your site for your product as it is the cure for pain. Better than anythingthey give you at pain management and after 2 surgeries in last 2.5 years. I'm a good source to ask.

Elizabeth Clark

Ana just to let you know I love this I put on my neck nudging disc there on contact works take painaway I spray when back is shooting with pain I spray my back and boy relief iswhat I got Love this Thank you Ana good luck. Just to let everyone know I tried this today and sprayed rub on my 4 budging disc i have sticking out in my neck I honestly can say I got relief for maybe few hours Everyone is different I rubbed on my boyfriends lower back it helped him so much I am going to try on my knees and will let you know few hour relief was great.