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Medical Journal Explains Why Topical Pain Relief is Safer Than Oral Pain Relief

topical pain reliefToday the hurry up mentality of the patient has empowered the medical community to create an environment where cure does not necessarily predicate; rather it is a diminishing of a certain level.  The level is determined by a five-minute conversation based on pain, itch, burning, color and discomfort.  Historically, common remedies for ailments from insect bites, rashes, muscle aches and pains require simple communication with a doctor who suggest speaking with a pharmacist to come up with a cure with relief.  

Now, if we have a sprain or bruise the doctor provides a pain reliever and suggest hot or cold compress.  If you have a foot fungus, prescription for antibiotics, topical antibiotic cream, UV light treatments and repeat visits for weeks or months.  In 2011, The Journal of Pain Research published an article titled Topical preparation for pain relief:  Efficacy and patient adherence which examined the simple fact that when dealing with chronic pain, the potential of topical relief to be used effectively without the fear of side effects and potential for long term drug dependence as defined by the following quote, “For patients, the rationale is the application of analgesics directly on the site of soreness, even if the sensation is a referred pain from another source. They perceive that oral treatments can potentially lead to more adverse effects as compared to topical treatment.”

At AspiRub we know that we have provided over 40 years of topical pain relief using ingredients found in many foods and flavorings.  There is nothing abstract or potentially addictive in the formula and is safe if used as directed.

We understand that there isn’t always a solution to the cure of pain, but we preserve in the research in creating products that will help with hurting…

On the horizon for 2016:

  • Organic product used for topical pain relief.
  • Organic product for relief of stings from insect bites.
  • Organic product for the reduction of rash and itch associated with poison ivy and poison sumac.

We are steps away from providing relief of toenail and foot fungus, cracked heel and hand repair, cold sore prevention and minimization of outbreaks as well as dandruff and psoriasis relief.

AspiRub is the foundation for a complete line of AspiCare™ products.

-Dr. Bob


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